Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green Angel

I just finished an amazing book called Green Angel by Alice Hoffman. Literally. I just finished it, like, two minutes ago. And I still have gigantic tears dripping down my face from the ending

Green Angel is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Green. Here's the synopsis on the book jacket.

Left on her own when her family dies on a terrible accident, fifteen-year-old Green is haunted by loss and the past. Struggling to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere, Green retreats to the ruined realm of her garden. But in destroying her feelings, she begins to destroy herself, erasing the girl she'd once been as she inks darkness into her skin. It is only through a series of mysterious encounters that Green can relearn the lessons of love and begin to heal enough to tell her story.

I cried about three times in this book. I suggest that everyone take a look at the story. I'm just going to let you know that it can get extremely dark.  But on the end, you will not only cry tears about what happens, but you will cry because it's over. I loved this book and I have OFFICIALLY added Alice Hoffman to my list of favorite authors.

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