Sunday, April 22, 2012


Watching, waiting. That was my life. They were watching me all the time. They never leave me, like ghosts from my past. I knew what they wanted, but I knew enough not to give it to them. Waiting, watching. Being watched. I just kept my eyes open and stayed on my guard. I was being hunted. I was running all my life.
"Kassa," they whispered. "We know where you are."
But I ignored them. They never left me alone, and I knew they never would unless I faced them.

And I would rather listen to the whispers forever than face them.

I had no allies, no friends. No one to trust. I was on my own and I would be forever.
So follow me. Follow me all you want. Drive me crazy with your whispers and mutterings. With your taunts and your beckonings. You can't budge me. I will do whatever it takes to stay away; I will run forever.
And I know that's what I will have to do. I'll never have a moment's rest. Ever.
You don't have to leave me alone. You really don't need to. I can handle madness. I've handled it for eight years.

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