Thursday, January 31, 2013

Links of Comfort

Depression settles in like a cloaking blackness as the world spins faster. I can't keep up with this, and I have no idea how others do.

But when I feel overwhelmed, I simply go to my list of sites that makes me feel better.

This is where I go when I need some quiet:

This is where I go when I need a hug an some comfort:

This is where I go when I'm sad and need something to match my emotions:

This is where I go when I need reassurance that everything is okay:

This is where I go when I need a reminder that the world is very abstract and beautiful:

This is where I go when I need to remember Harry:

This is where I go when I need to stargaze:

Feel free to visit these links, and if they make you feel better, pass them on.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am alone in this place

I am alone, I am disgraced

I cannot be seen, I cannot be heard

I cannot say a single word

All the tumbling words and noises

Screeches, whimpers, many voices

Joined in a tidal wave

To sound we all have become slave

Day and night my ears will bleed

Quiet is just what I need

A cry of anguish, mournful bray

I wish for silence every day

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am surrounded by people.

And I am alone.

I am always alone, even in the company of others. Even when I am with my friends.

My depressing thoughts of isolation and solitude may result in the emotion of never fitting in. It is a feeling I often have. People will reassure me that they're there, that they are listening, that they are here for me. But I have enough experience to know that every human can connect with one another in only so many ways.... I know that no one will ever understand or know me as much as I know myself. I know that I'll never understand my friends' true motives and feelings.

It is quite common for people like me (people who don't enjoy their birthdays, people who don't like talking to anyone but those they know well, people who would rather sit in absolute silence with a book than socialize) to notice this. It is expected that deep thinkers acknowledge this.

If you really think about it, we are all alone. Every single one of us. I'm on my journey to the Elsewhere, and others are on their journey to everywhere else.

So there you have it. In my little corner of the universe, I am alone.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Do you remember

Do you remember
The last time you said you were at peace?
We held talked about everything and nothing.
We were walking to a Greater Perhaps.
And I smiled.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh no, he's become self-aware... Disney's going to have to do something about that.

Remember the last time a Disney character became self-aware?

And he was never heard from again.