Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello Again

I read all those books, as promised. I figured out that in between Fire Bringer and Fell, there's another book. It's called The Sight and it's by the same author as the other two. I'm too lazy to do all-out book reviews, so you'll have to settle with this, but in short, they are all awesome books.
Finding My Place was amazing and powerful, and I cried at the end. I advise the world to read it.
Fire Bringer, Fell, and The Sight were all kind of a series, Fire Bringer being about deer while the other two about wolves. They were extremely interesting and well written, and I was sad when Fell ended. I cried at the end of all three, as was predicted by my brother.
Animal Farm was downright creepy. I'm just glad I did this on my own time, not for school. Because I would be writing from a rubber room if I read it at school. Just kidding, but seriously, it was freaky. George Orwell is talented and insane. With great gifts come great mental institute bills.
The Agency was fresh and neat. It was a crafty idea, a female Sherlock Holmes school. The main character was cunning and witty, and along with a male character with a big part to play. Overall it was cool and girls from ages eleven to seventeen should read it if you're looking for awesome espionage and action.

So yeah. I also picked up three more books and they are called My Unfair Godmother, The Naming, and The Outside of a Horse. Waveclaw, you would like the last one. I finished the first and I'm starting the second, saving the third for last. My Unfair Godmother was really funny. I laughed a lot and gained a few helpful writing tips. Which reminds me...
 I'm probably going to be unable to update my stories a ton, so prepare for empty gaps.

The end.

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